About booking online appointments.

In order to avoid lengthy waits on the phone, we provide self-booking online appointments.
These bookings are not requests for appointments but rather an actual guaranteed appointment confirmed by e-mail.

Please carefully read the following inforation regarding an online self-booking account.

  • Anyone can register for an online account even if your regular doctor is not at Club Tiny Tots.

  • Only Sick or Urgent Care visits can be booked online including for newborns (see list below).

  • If your child is a newborn and you are looking for a regular doctor or you would like to book a Well-Check, Check-Up, Follow-Up, Vaccine or any appointment with a specilaist you will need to contact the clinic directly.

  • The online appointment booking service is owned and operated by Rendez-VousExpress.com. They operate independently from ELNA-Club Tiny Tots and offer their service as a convinience to the clinics patients.

  • Only a parent or guardian with dependents can use online appointment booking and are required to complete
    an online registration form first.

  • Rendez-VousExpress.com charges a $12.95 subscription fee per year, per family to use online appointment booking.
    Your patient record and history information with Club Tiny Tots remains the same as before and is kept private with the clinic and your doctor.

  • Once you have registered and paid for your self-booking online account, you will receive an activation notice by email and a temporary password to access online booking 24/7/365.

  • Appointments should be booked with the child's regular doctor whenever possible. If your regular doctor is not available on that day and the issue is not urgent, it is still advised you book an online appointment with your regular doctor at the next available time provided by the online scheduler.

  • If your regular doctor is not available but you would like to be seen as soon as possible for an urgent care 
    sick visit (as listed below), book an online appointment with any available doctor provided by the online scheduler.

  • You are responsible for booking your appointments. Appointments that are intentionally or unintentionally booked incorrectly may result in the loss of your appointment-making privileges and fees may be incurred on your children’s accounts.

Only the following appointments can be self-booked online: